Not Beads.... BENTO!

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I have been an admirer of Bento since I first found out about them. Today I mustered up the courage to give it a try. THIS is my very first Bento!

The first picture shows the 'bottom layer'. There are two rice triangle things... which have a name and I don't know it yet. I shaped them myself :) There is also a portion of palm hearts. I put the rice an the palm hears in a silicon baking tray (rectangle) and put it in the bottom of the make shift bento bot. Next to that is about a cup of mixed field greens.

for the second photo and the 'second layer' I added 10 blackberries in a cupcake paper and six turkey meatballs. I also added in a packet of soy sauce. I don't have a proper container for it yet, but I am going to check out dollar store for a little squeeze container that would work for salad dressing.

Not pictured is a little surprise I added for my wonderful hubby. I took some wax paper and folded a no-glue envelope. Then I wrote him a little note, tucked it in the envelope and then tucked it in his lunch. :) I think he'll be thrilled! This was so fun. Now I just need to add up the calories of the lunch so I know if I am giving him enough food for his lunch. I am really pleased with myself. :)

Information on Bentos can be found here
Nifty no-glue envelope