What a great idea

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I really really really want to make these. They are the most awesome shoes. I think they would be prefect for Ren Fest.

Now... where yo get a hold of some leather, and laces and a hole punch thingie....

Artful Update

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I was browsing my older blog entries today and kept getting drawn into how DARK my blog was. It was deep and mysterious and delightfully moody. While I loved it, it didn't reflect my art well at all. It at least does not reflect where I am right now with my art and my creations. So I have once again updated my blog template. I find it to be colorful, uplifting and fun. I find this complements where I see my art and my creative force going much better. Do tell me what you think of it!

I realize many of the older entries are going to be hard to read because of the colors I used in the old blog template. I will update them over time to make them readable again.


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I found the most precious tutorial in the Folding Trees Blog.


It is for paper carnations. They are so easy and I am really thrilled with how they came out. I think I might make some for my bedroom. These four I gave to my mom since it is her tiny teapot and I thought they looked too good there to move them. Enjoy!

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I very much need to post something new and wonderful. Things have been so buys I haven't had much time to produce anything. Undertaking major projects in the house seem to monopolize me. am working on something special right now, but I won't be able to show it for a while because it is a gift. However, once I am finished with that I will be working on the favors for my Halloween Party and those I will be able to show. Whew... it's been a busy year thus far!