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This odd term came to my attention via the All About Beads forum on Delphi. It stands for Bead Art Trading Cards. I signed up to the do the BATC swap this year. The cards are not due until October. However, my muse has been a little quite lately since I got sick. Well I am better now but apparently the muse is still recuperating. So in an effort to get the juices flowing a little bit, I sat down and started on one of the cards. This is only the very beginning but I already had a ton of fun. I am really enjoying this whole concept of combining paint and beads! There are no beads added to the piece yet, but there will be. So here is a a picture of my starting efforts. I don't actually know yet whether or not I am supposed to show pictures before the swap is finished. If it turns out that they are to remain secret until the time of the swap, I will simply gift this one to someone else and make new ones for the swap. :)