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I finally finished my two at a time no purl monkeys. I as upset, because as I finished them, they really didn't fit very well. However, after a good blocking, I can now get them on and off. The lace pattern doesn't show up hardly at all, but that is the fault of the yarn I chose. Also, I am not sure if it's worth messing around with the numbers on the needles, since I am trying to lose weight anyway. But I really think I need to figure out how to increase the stitches around the ankle and leg. My leg is to thick so I can't pull the sock up all of the way. And, getting it over the diagonal area where my heel is, and my foot bends to become my leg is the though part. So for my next sock, I migh try added 4 stitches and see how that works. I have a slew of ankle socks to work on. So those won't be of much help in that area, but I will definitely be able to see if the 64 stitches is the right amount of stitches for my foot.

Also, I worked them on a size 3 needle. I don't have a 3 circular needle, but I do have size 3dpn's that I could try. That might increase the size slightly. Hmm, decisions.

The House Cup!

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Hurray! My most awesome house of Ravenclaw won the house cup in the HPKCHC!!!! I made this to celebrate. :D


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That stands for Work In Progress for those not in the know. I am in love with this scarf. I hope i have time to finish it soon! I am currently working on two other WIPs that I will take pictures of to show. This is a recent picture though so I thought you might like to see it!


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How cute are these little guys? They are push pins for my cork board! I mean obviously, they are owls but they are push pin owls. The flas whashed them out a little bit, the stitch definition is better than is showing. I just think they are adorable, and from start to finish take maybe 10 minutes. AWESOME! They are kind of big though. They worked up to be about 3 inches tall. I think I want to try making some smaller ones the for board too.

For the Kitties at WARL

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My friend Robby volunteers at the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington DC. She talks about it often and naturally when it came out we would be crafting for our own chosen charities this term, I thought of her immediately. So for my quidditch contributions to HPKCHC, I crafted lots of catnip toys for the kitties at WARL! I've been trying to explain to my kitties, these toys are not for them. They are for the Shelter Kitties waiting for their forever homes. You can just see Orion's face in the picture with the cat nip elephants.

My turtles are even being featured on the pattern page now! To keep them safe I have them in a shoe box with two rubber bands around it! Boots actually managed to steal a purple mouse before it had ears! So I had to craft a new one of the shelter kitties so there would be three. I hope they are enjoyed!

The Swallow Tail Shawl

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Around the beginning of July I finally finished the Swallow Tail Shawl for Mom. This is the shawl that became known as the Shawl Of Doom. I had such trouble with it. This is the 4th attempt at this shawl. It was a gift for Mom's birthday - IN MARCH - but alas took me a wee bit longer to complete. I do have to say though, I am absolutely chuffed at how it came out. It's beautiful! I learned a bit about lave weight yarn. The mere fact it is lace weight makes it that much more difficult to work with. I am actually willing to try this shawl again, but I think it will be with fingering, or better still worsted weight yarn.

Some people have asked what I did to make my Swallow Tail so much larger than the finished one in the directions. I went up several needle sizes. That is all. For this term in the HPKCHC we needed to swatch our OWL proposals even if they did not require a swatch. I am glad they did because I swatched it on a few different needle sizes and found it looked better and better as I got larger. so I went with size 8 needles.

It ended up taking just over 1 skein of yarn as I ran out during the last chart. But on even slightly smaller needles this would have been a one skein project.

Convocation Badges

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Now that the term is over, it is safe to show the achievement badges I designed for the Convocation of eagles in Ravenclaw House. I am very proud of these. They were a lot of fun!