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This crazy thing is called an Interrobang. It is my entry for the Chicago Manual of Style challenge in the HPKCHC. Being Ravenclaws, we generally tend to get excited and geek out over strange things. So why not academia and punctuation and grammar.

This is my very first pattern that I have created and I have to say, I am rather chuffed with it. Three cheers for me. Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah!

Some definitions...

The interrobang, interabang[1] (pronounced /ɪnˈtɛrəbæŋ/) or quesclamation mark, , is a nonstandard English-language punctuation mark intended to combine the functions of the question mark (also called the interrogative point) and the exclamation mark or exclamation point (known in printers' jargon as the bang). The glyph is a superimposition of those two marks. It is sometimes referred to as "the spork of punctuation" due to its internal duality.[citation needed]

The Chicago Manual of Style

Meet Terrence!

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I finally finished him. He didn't actually take very long to knit, but I am new to seeming. On this little guy, there is a lot of seeming. But I love him so much!!

So for as you may know by now, I participate in the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup. I am a Ravenclaw and many of us in the tower have familiars, or Merry Beasts as they are known. So now as a third year, I felt I was qualified to bring mine to the tower. So here he is! Meet Terrence!


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I am loving knitting socks. My last pair, I made in the traditional way on DPN's (Double Point Needles) this time however I decided to try a different method. This method uses one very long circular needle and knits both socks at the same time. I also experimented with toe up, instead of cuff down. It was awesome and I am very happy with the results.

I call these my Muddy Puddle Socks. They are inspired by the April Showers.