Birthday Goodies!!

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Do you want to see what I got for my birthday!!???

The big box of goodies!

Knit Picks sock kit with yarn and patterns for -7- pairs of socks!!!

Aren't the colors just AWESOME!

My Size 1 circular!

Annnnnnnnnnd... The HARMONIES 5" set of DPN's!!!!

I have the greatest hubby in the world. Thank you my love!

I don't have pictures of it yet, but my sister and her family got me the most wonderful smelling candle in a glass jar. The topper for it... it's a SNOWMAN!!! She even gave it to me in a snowman bag! (Serious snowman crush here)

My mom gave me $$!! I think I am going to get a ball winder with it! OOh, and maybe sock blockers!

Cabled Fingerless Mitts

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I have completed my birthday gift to myself! I made my very first pair of fingerless mitts... with cables!!! I adore the way they came out. Simply adore them. I was so chuffed to wear them last night when we went out to dinner for my birthday, but then I forgot. LOL. Oh well. I am wearing them now and they are awesome. I used this beautiful yarn that changes color from royal blue to almost a burgundy color with shades of blue and red and purple in between them as they mix together. It's awesome.

Belated Christmas Gifts!

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Andy and Sandy if you're reading this, I would close my eyes if I were you. You'll ruin the surprise.

This whole gift knitting thing is tricky. I have bunches of projects I can't show! I'm holding Sandi and Drew and Patrick's gifts off the site until I see them after my birthday. There is less chance of Andy and Sandy seeing them though.

Anywhere... Here they are! I am very proud of these cabled scarfs. I think they came out beautifully! Also, I am getting much better at Steam Blocking. That is helpful. They are made with this chunky acrylic called Serenity. I am IN LOVE with this yarn. Totally in love. :lesigh:

Crochet and Sparkles

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Here are two pieces I have completed recently. I am noticing my love of beads is re-emerging. It never went away, but my muse had gone in a different direction. I think it's swinging back towards beads, but not away from yarn and thread at all. So I expect to two to intermingle a bit. I am also trying to get my hands on several beading books that my heart has been set on forever. THIS one in particular, follow by this one and this one. However, on the beading, and fiber crochet front, I also have my eyes on this one. Man, I love books. Anyway.. Peeeeectures for you.

The beaded dragonfly is not part of the necklace. But I am considering putting it on a pin so it can be worn with the necklace. I haven't decided yet.

LOVE-ly Stitch Markers

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This is a set of stitch markers I have made to be awarded as a prize in the Love Yourself First event in RCT.