Mother's Day

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As you know Mother's Day is approaching. Since I needed a project this week, AND I actually knew what it was I was going to do for Mother's Day, I finished my mother's gift. However, there won't be any pictures or descriptions this week, because my mother is very capable of reading this blog. So.... just know that my project is finished on time and I'll post pics as soon as I give it to her. :)

Rivoli Success!!!

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So after several attempts and lots of advice, I finally managed to trap a rivoli inside a peyote bezel. I am SO SO SO thrilled that I kept on trying. I know you can't REALLY tell from the pictures but it just looks beautiful. The sparkle is amazing and by using the seed beads, I got to use the most beautiful silver lined blue to go with the rivoli. I am thoroughly hooked now though. I absolutely need to get more of these. :grins: I am probably going to lightly embelish this one and then put it on a silver chain. I can't wait to take this down to my Cousins craft store and see what she things. I'm very thrilled!

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I recently found and I love this website. They have such a lovely mix of beads, findings and components. So I mentioned last week (or the week before?) that hubby insisted I restock my stash with an order from them. I also promised I would post pictures. So here they are!This is he whole kit and kaboodle.

This is a package of bronzite nuggets. Hubby loved them when we say them in a store so I'm going to figure out something to make for him.

This is a close up of two of the four craved bone beads I got. I LOVE the Celtic designs on them. I think one of them might get put unto a cuff.

Here are the other two.

And here is a close up of the GORGEOUS cabs I bought! I can't wait to play with them. They are just so lovely. I think a collar or choker is definitely in the works here. Oooh, maybe a pin! Maybe a cuff!? I just love them.

On a random note. I wish there was an option to put the pictures next to each other.

Rivoli version 1

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So I was in need of a quick project this week because I left it rather late. I decided to bead the Rivoli I got while on my bead adventure with hubby the other day. Boy did I chose the wrong thing to do for a quick project. I am sure these work up fast when you have the knack down. I do not have the knack down yet. Apparently, these work much much easier if you are using delicas. I do not have any, so I am using 11 and 15 seed beads. Well, it didn't come out very good. But I DID do a project so I will post it here. Another issue came about with photographing it though, it is SO SPARKLY the camera couldn't focus on it properly. So it's a horrible picture but it proves I did something! :) So I will be taking this apart and trying it again with the tips I received from the wonderful folks at All About Beads

The second photo is a gift my hubby surprised me with last night. He brought me home the most adorable pincushion! Do you get it? For being brave and having been stuck so many times with needles he brought me an adorable pin cushion. He found it all alone and abandoned in a desk drawer and thought I would love it. I DO LOVE IT! And now it has a home on my beady/art desk.


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This first photo is of my work space. This is where I create! I just thought you might want to see.

So I had to go and get blood drawn today. This is the second attempt after the first place butchered me. Needless to say I was incredibly nervous about going. I am happy to report that it went smoothly with no problems. But as a reward for being so brave, my wonderful sweet awesome adorable love him with my whole heart hubby... took me to the bead store!... AND THEN... to hobby lobby. :)
These are not fantastic photos because I just took a quick shot of the goods for you to take a peek at. This is a photo of some GORGEOUS silver lined light blue seeds, two tubes of silver lined cobalt, and one you cannot see the color of at all. It is a tube of blue lined beads and they look JUST like the colors in peacock feathers! The cobalt seed beads are particularly exciting for me because I will be able to finish a project I have had on hold for a long time now. OH! Also in the picture is a crystal AB rivoli! I believe it's a 16mm. I am going to try beading one for the first time!
This is a close up shot of some simply stunning stone beads. They are greens and aquas. I loved them the moment hubby found them. Yup that's right. Hubby looks for beautiful things for me! Also in this show are several pieces of felt. I have a few embroidery projects in my brain and I am going to try felt as the background.

This shot shows it all! PLUS the pack of three new beading mats I got! Woot! I am a super happy very thankful girl! And of course all of the pictures are clickable for larger images.

Woven Leaves

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This week I revisited a pattern I had tried a few years ago. A friend I met on the BeadArt forum on Dlephi gifted me with a pattern by Dragon (Thank you again Judi wherever you may be! ). Dragon designs bead patterns. This one was for a woven leaf necklace. I made the necklace in blue and white. I wish I had a picture of it. I'll look later. But I wanted a relatively quick and easy project this week. So I fished the pattern out of my book and reworked the number of beads used in it to suit a pair of earrings. I had SUCH a good time making the earrings, that I made three pair. I think they came out absolutely wonderful! Two of them are hard to discern between. One set of crystal looking ones uses a crystal ab bead as the main color with a crystal silver lined as the accent. The other uses a clear crystal bead as the main color and a crystal silver lined at the accent color. The third set however uses a very deep purple, almost a wine color as the main and a silver lined green as the accent. It was hard to photograph the purple, as it usually is with purple. The beads themselves have this silvery finish to them which makes it hard to really discern the color in the first place. But I am really happy with how they came out. As always pictures are clickable for much larger pictures. :)

I edited this entry to chang the title as I just now realized I wrote flowers instead of leaves.