Spirals and Flowers

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I am a day late in posting these pictures. This piece was finished yesterday in time for my once a week project, but with the holiday I didn't have time to post pictures. My mommy does take precedence. I finished my very first Russian Spiral. I think it came out wonderfully! I have not recieved my book yet, but I found these directions on line from a PDF of a Bead and Button project. It has made me so excited to recieve my book that I am having a hard time not standing down by the mailbox waiting.

But on to the project. It is a lovely russian spiral using size 6 blue transparent seeds and size 11 seeds in a opalescent dusky purple grey color. They are very hard to describe and I got them in a bead swap at one time so I have no idea what they are called or where they came from. The size 6 beads are from 7 echoes. I also bezelled my very first SQUARE cab. This was much trickier than a round or oval cab. However, I am very glad I tackled the rivoli first. I used the exact same technique to bead around this square. I am not sure what this square is. At first I thought it was a stone, but after working with it, I think it might be painted porcelain. Whatever it is, it is BEAUTIFUL. It reminds me strongly of looking down into the water and seeing the sand and rocks strewn about the sandy floor in patterns only nature can do. The square is bezzeled in the same two seeds. I added a picot decorate element using the hard to describe purplish grey seeds and then added a row of drop beads. They are mostly clear excelt the hole is lined in the same blue as the size 6 seeds. I think it looks adorable. I finished it all off with a magnetic clasp.

Also, I promised pictures of my gift to my mother when she had opened it. So here that is also. And naturally, one cannot use a bookmark if one has nothing to read. We also bought her a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Oh! And two baloons as well! Who doesn't love a balloon!


Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh my Crystal, you did a great job on that sprial & the cab is nicely done too..

Did you do the wire work on the book mark too? How very cool it that!

Crystal said...

Thank you Ellen! I did the beading on the bookmark. :D I used some glass flowers, some cute round glass beads and a glass drop. I think it came out really cute. Mom liked it very much :D