More bento

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Go where your creativity leads you right?

So I made another bento lunch for my hunny yesterday. I hope he's enjoying it right now. :) The first photo shows about 1-1.5 cups of stir fry that I added some chicken to. Then in a silicon baking dish (to avoid juice transfer) are two rice triangles. I think they are called nigiri. To stabilize it all from rocking around and to add some raw nutrients, the side is stuffed with grape tomatoes! YUM.
This second photo shows dessert! I added some beautifully ripe strawberries to a cupcake wrapper and sent them on top. I also stuck one in by the rice, snapped the lid on and sealed it with a kiss! These are really really fun. I suggest you give it a try. Now my hubby has diabetes and we're still very new to learning how to take care of it. But this seems like a pretty easy, fun and let's just call it what it is... PRETTY way to make sure he's getting the right foods to eat. :)


Sandi said...

Wonderful! I am so inspired to to get organized and do it!