Gifts for a new Mommy

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As you may remember there was a second fabulous box I showed you all. The second box had gifts for the new mommy inside!

A Star for Patrick

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Remember when I showed you the photo of the fabulous box. Do you want to see what was in it???Here's a little peek...

Oh, a little more!

Tada!!!! It's a star shaped baby afghan! As you can see, it takes up my entire dining room table. I am very very proud of this blanket. It is crocheted with a size F hook and baby yarn. :) It's the largest and most complicated project I have completed to date! I hope he likes it when he finally has his birthday and joins us all!!

Crochet Markers

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So one step at a time as far as tackling the small mound of things I need to post to this blog. Right now though, I am sick and not up to tackling everything all at once. There are too many forks in my fire right now.

But I did complete a small project today. My yarn and knitting needles from Knit Picks arrived today. I also got these little markers that you can put on your knitting when you are done for the day to remind you what size needled you were using. I thought that was brilliant so I devised a way to do the same thing for my crochet.

These are great little charms that have the letter of the size crochet hook on them. So far these are the only hooks I own that I use regularly. As I increase my collection, and the supplies to make these LOL, I will make more markers.

The Luna Lovegood Scarf

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I have completed my new scarf. I am really really chuffed with it. :D it was my first time doing a picot edging. I ran into some trouble somewhere as the picots on one edge do not exactly match the picots on the other edge. But looking at the pattern, my mistake was somewhere in the beginning and I did not catch it until almost the end. I was not about to tear it all back. SOOOo I am very very happy with it. :D