WIP - Kuroshitsuji

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 Well, let me dust a little in here before I set anything down. It's been far too long since I came and did any kind of update. Truly, most of my online presence has been suffering as of late. I'm going through a somewhat creative resurgence and I'm finding too much time online, not directly related to my inspirations to be stifling. I do go through these phases though, and eventually I'll balance out again. I thought I might show progress on the enormous project I have going.

This is … large. Ha. I'm not entirely sure if it's going to end up a wall hanging or not. That was it's original purpose, but I don't know what I have a wall large enough to mount it on. When this thing is finished I am definitely going to want to see it all the time. I've recently discovered the crack that is Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler if you prefer. The story is not for those under 17 or 18 so I won't go into particulars here. I'll simply say the story is beautiful and cruel and the art is absolutely lovely.

I have been working on a large piece depicting the title of the manga/anime. It's being done in crochet and is one of the larger pieces I've ever tackled. It's 200 stitches wide and will be... 183 rows high (I think) I need to double check my pattern. I haven't done a large picture piece in crochet since I finished the Hunger Games emblem. So I decided to do another two color piece to get me back into practice. It's in black and white, as one might expect. (Kuro Ni/Shiro Ni) After some playing around with different programs I had a relatively easy time making the pattern. The next one will have 5 colors I believe.

The project is going well but hasn't been without it's issues! After about 20 rows, I suddenly noticed a huge error in the graphic I made the pattern from. One of the Japanese characters was wrong and didn't match the cover of the manga. Ugh. So I went into my graphics program and fixed it. PIXEL BY PIXEL. Oh god, I hope it's correct now. HA! Anyway, I'm pleased as punch with how it's coming out. I'm using a 5.00 MM hook, AKA US H hook. One of my inspirations for this kind of work, Lee Mac from http://totallee.net/ just finished an amazing piece using a 3.00 MM hook. (Totally, go see it. It will blow your socks off). I don't know if I can imagine doing one of these with a 3... I have a 3.5 though and the next one will have a fair bit of detail in it. I'm contemplating trying it. I can make the blocks have more stitches for detail and they will still come out at a size closer to what I want. This thing I am making now is like 3 feet long!

SO enough babble... how about some pictures right?

Here we are, just starting out.

Word in English finished.

Japanese characters (Kanji?) starting to appear.

Silver and Green Byzantine

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The next necklace for the shop is finished. I tried it on last night and it looks amazing. It's done in silver and green aluminum rings in the byzantine weave. I love this weave. I love making it and I love wearing it. I just snapped a couple of quick shots with my phone. It will get the glam photo shoot when the weather and sunlight cooperate.

I am toying with the idea of making a twisted weave with the byz as a choker. I played with the concept with the finished necklace and draped it over my wrist to see if I liked the effect. I like it very much. I'm excited to try it.

I've got a couple of custom orders I need to fill first though.


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The new sparklies are here! I can hardly wait to dive into them and get to work. I've got a big batch of shiny aluminum, three colors of anodized aluminum, and I'm trying out a shiny brass. I think it's going to be beautiful with the pale pink. That is the first combo I'm going to try out. I will keep you updated here, and as soon as something is finished it will get added to the shop.

I've got something else I've been working on, another prototype. I have this really interesting yarn. It's bumpy and wiggly and a really awesome color for summer. So yesterday I whipped up a little dice bag! It just needs a cord to go with it and then I'll photograph that to show off as well. Dicebags are so personal as any table top gamer will tell you. I have one to go with each particular character I play. HA! I also love making them. My mother, who is not a gamer, also commented  on how much she loves the little bag. I think she wants to commission one a bit larger as a pouch for her sunglasses. There's an idea also... small change purse? It could be anything I guess, couldn't it? Well pictures to come soon!

It's Official

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After a long hiatus, it is official.

Things Treasured has an etsy shop now! 

Currently in the shop are my favorite stitch markers. They are light weight aluminum rings with Czech seed beads strung into them. Some of the sets have whimsical row markers on them, and some are just a bunch of the beaded rings.

By Friday I should have a new jump ring order arriving by post. This means Byzantine necklaces should be in the shop by the end of next week. This one is already sold, but others will be coming soon.

I hope you will come visit the shop!