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I am still not posting here as much as I would like to. However, I do have some things to show you!

This is my monster chunk! How cute is this little guy? He worked up in just a couple of hours and I love him. There will absolutely be more of these in my future. This one went with R. To work. He wanted a little creature for his desk and so I thought this would be prefect. I used bulky yarn for the body and worsted for the feet. These little guys absolutely make me want to get ahold of some super bulky. Also, this is from the author of the Big Book of Knitted Monsters. I must get ahold of this book, especially before I manage to get pregnant.


This little guys is my baby red dragon. He was made with cotton worsted held doubled. This KILLED my hands. But it came out adorably. So I really can’t complain. With all of these little creatures, I really need to get ahold of safety eyes at a good price though.


This is a book scarf done with thread and a tiny hook. I was really afraid of tackling crochet this fine when beads weren’t involved. But it came out really lovely! I’m really pleased with it. Here it is demonstrating, holding the page in my design journal. This is going to be a gift in a swap package though. I’m going to have to make myself one I think.


And here we have my first pair of spats! They are super soft and the colors are really rich in person. The one mistake I made with these, is the top of the cuff though. I made it too small to fit my calf. So I need to wear them with the cuffs turned down which ends up hiding the really pretty ribbing work. Also, the pattern called for 1.2” buttons which I used and they hold… some of the time. I probably should have gone up just a little bit on the button size. I really wanted to add some steam punk buttons to them, but budgeting got in the way. Winking smile 


I have one more project to show, but that is going to have to wait for a week or so. It’s going into a swap package and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I’m also currently working on a baby blanket. But I haven’t decided if I am going to show that before it is gifted or not. That is what is new if knitting land though!

Yarn Duh of the Day

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Today starts a brand new term over at HPKCHC. Over time I’ll be adding past projects to my blog here. I just really need to inventory what I have shown already. Silly me.

There are a couple of things going on over at the tower. I am no longer running monthly challenges over there. We as a staff have decided there is so much going on that at least for the time being, we should let group projects creep up organically. It’s working so far. There is a Steam Punk along in progress. Everyone seems really excited about it.

As it happens, the History of Magic prompt is perfect for getting my steam punk inspired project into a class. I printed out the pattern today and checked how much yarn was needed. about 213 yards. Perfect! I ran to the closet, dug through the sock yarn and pulled out some lovely dusty purple – 221 yards! However, as I held the yarn in my hand and looked at the pattern, I just couldn’t believe this one skein would make the item.

Reread the pattern…. WORSTED WEIGHT.

Well shoot. I really didn’t have what I wanted in WW. But since I can’t just be running out to buy yarn, I’m making the pattern in a worsted weight acrylic I have on hand. It’s beautiful yarn, just not the texture I was going for as it does have a bit of a halo effect. But it should be lovely.

I’m going to be making these

In this yarn

I found the most amazing buttons, but I really can’t afford them right now. I also think they might be a little to large, but as far as steam punk buttons go… how perfect are these ones from Twin Rose Designs? Gear buttons? How grand.

So I am off to cast on my project. I have a lot I want to accomplish this month.

New Icon

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My proposed Quidditch robes!