A few new things!

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So you may remember that I have been bitten by the yarn bug. :) I've been working very diligently on a shawl I plan to have finished by the end of next month. However, I have managed to make a few smaller things in the mean time. These have all been made for the HPKCHC on Ravelry. You need to be a member there to look at my project pages though. (It's free) So here are pictures of my snails, turtle, and a couple new pictures of my scarf.

(Yup, that's a beer bottle. Don't you know a fantastic way to get snails and slugs out of your garden is to put a little dish of beer in the garden. It's true!)

(We had to knit our animagus. I chose a cute little turtle. I'm not 100% sure if I were to have an animagus that I would be a turtle.. but I wanted her. So here she is!)

(And here is that shawl again. Since I presented it it for Divination and pointed out how it represented my zodiac sign Aquarius, I have it pouring out of my glass water jug and across the table in waves.)

Drop Stitch Scarf

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So this is the scarf I have been working on to wear to Andy and Sandy's wedding. I am really loving the way it has come out. It is sooo soft and it drapes beautifully. I am also going to be submitting it for one of the classes on the HPKCHC forum, but I haven't written the submission up yet. When I do I'll update the post with the write up. The pictures of the scarf blocking are on my mothers camera. When I get those I will add them here also. But here it is finished!

Progress on Shipwreck.

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I thought I would take a moment today to share my progress on the Shipwreck Shawl. I am absolutely loving this knit. Yes it's tricky and parts are difficult, but I love it anyway. I had to tear back progress to a lifeline the other night so that was discouraging. But I am making progress again which feels wonderful. I had to take a break from it for a little over a week while I completed a project I intend to wear at Andy and Sandy's wedding. However it is still blocking and drying. When it's finished I'll make a post about that.

So I have some pictures for you. The first one shows my progress before I had to rip out, and the second one shows after. They both represent the same place in the pattern I think though. It's really lovely so far. It's just hard to show in photos because of it being a circle. There isn't a good way to spread it out. That of course will change when it is finished and I can block it all.

Harry Potter Part 09

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This Sunday the 4th was the second Annual Harry Potter Party at my house. It was so much fun that all of the planning and work was worth it. Yey! It's always grand when that happens. Everyone's costumes were wonderful. I really appreciated that even though money is tight for everyone right now, that the effort was made to come in costume. I was really chuffed. Here are just a couple of photos.