Buttercream Beret!

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I finished making the cutest most wonderful hat ever... EVAH! It was my first attempt at a hat and I am really very chuffed and tickled pink over it. The yarn is Lily Sugar and Cream in the color buttercream. I wanted something that would be easy to care for, since it is a hat. So I chose something from my yarn stash that was 100 cotton. Natural fiber is very very warm though. This is Florida. So for now when it is still warm, this is one WARM hat. I am starting on in acrylic so that it will be lighter and hopefully a but more suited to our Florida weather. So, what do you think!?

One MORE Fabulous Box

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This is a very fabulous second gift box! I cannot yet show what is inside! I very dearly want to though. Soon! Inside this lovely box is a gift for a very special person. Inside this box is a load of fun! Roger and I had a wonderful time picking out its contents. I also learned a great deal about certain things as I made some of what is inside this box. I cannot wait to show you all!

Paper Carnations...AGAIN!

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I finished the paper carnations for the baby shower! Whooo! Now, today I will be decorating the little pots they go into. It should be much fun! But to show you what I have been doing... well that parts I can show you. Here are the carnations!

One Fabulous Box

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This is one fabulous box. I adore hat boxes. There is just something about a hat box that makes me so happy. But this hat box is not for me. This hat box is a gift. But the real treasure is what is inside the box.

I am not going to show you! NOPE! Inside this box is a gift I have worked on for many many days. I learned quite a lot while working on it and perfected some skills. I had a glorious amount of fun making it and am THRILLED and PROUD of the results. BUT alas readers, you will have to wait until the gift has been presented before I can show you what is inside.


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So I got to work on the paper carnations for the baby shower today. I have one fifth of them finished. Half of the red bunch all done! I wanted to take pictures but the batteries in the camera are DEAD. So I will have to photograph them when the batteries charge. It's really rather funny to sit there and realize you are trying to scheme ways to cut a better circle! LOL. But I figured out how to twist the chenille stems to make each one have a small flower and a section that is a bit sturdier for if it is put into a vase. Overall they came out quite pretty. :)