Holiday Hurray!

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ETA: Mom if you're reading this, better stop now or you will ruin the Christmas Surprise.

Contrary to the 'progress' shown by my blog, I actually have been getting some crafting and art done. I've mostly just been enjoying the warm glow of Christmas. Miraculously, Florida actually cooperated and gave us a few COLD days. I don't mean chilly, I mean COLD. It hardly ever gets cold in Florida, at least not to me. The weather came at the perfect time too. Roger and I have been happily buzzing along decorating out HOME for Christmas. Yup I said it. The crazy red neck built house actually feels like a home right now. I've been trying to get good pictures to show, but it's hard to photograph lights you know? But I did take some pictures. Roger and I even got a couple of ourselv
es enjoying some HEAVENLY cocoa by the glow of our lighted window. (I can make some killer cocoa if I do say so myself)

So I will get those photos posted up soon. Today I am nearly finished with a Christmas gift for one of my nieces. I haven't decided if I am going to show it before the holiday or not. I am not sure if they look at my blog. I don't think they do so it should be safe.. LOL. I just need to finish sewing a pin back into something. But to do that I need to get a pin back. So I am waiting on that. I have a few more gifts to work on this month. It's going to be busy. I have the other niece to finish a gift for, mom, dad, Roger, Sandi, Drew and the pumpkin. Though he will probably get the hats I am still working on as his Christmas gift. :) Since the chances of my getting them into the mail before then is slim anyway. LOL

I hope his head is still the same size. It's a good thing hats stretch!

ETA: I really have been doing too much. I just realized I FINISHED the gift for mom and dad. Do you want to see it? I know you do. I made Christmasy inspired love birds for them. How cute! This tim
e of year is personified (as far as birds go) with Robins and Cardinals. So I made them a pair of Robins. I think they came out really nicely. They are based on the birds over at Attic24. If you've never been to Lucy's blog, you should definitely check it out!