Prom Time

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My niece is going to Prom on Saturday. When her older sister went to prom, I made her a necklace and bracelet to match her gown. I really wanted to continue this tradition with my younger niece. I had very limited time to make this piece as I only found out what color she was wearing YESTERDAY!!!!

However, I happen to think it came out beautifully. My niece is lovely and quite spunky and a little funky. She reminds me of me. :) So I wanted to make her something that was pretty, but a little bit funky and that she would be able to wear to more than just Prom. So I think this will go beautifully with her dress (crossing fingers as I haven't seen the dress) and I also think it's suitable for dressing up some jeans. What do you think?

The necklace and bracelet were made with teeny tiny bugles in a silvery white color. I think the finish might be called Ceylon? I am not sure though. They are really lovely in person though. The seed beads are size 11 silver lined. I simply adore this color. I might have to find my way back to the shop to get more. :)


Kiwi Ellen said...

Very pretty, your niece is very lucky to have a talented Aunt like you ;) It should look great with almost anything, jeans & t-shirt included

Crystal said...

Thanks so much Ellen. She was happy with it so of course that made me ecstatic!