Week 4

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This weeks piece was inspired by a pattern I found in the Best of Beadwork. I changed the colors up. It actually came out a bit more masculine in color than I had intended but I enjoy it very much. The original pattern called for 2.5-3mm Crystals in the center of the bracelet but I instead chose to add 4mm cubes. It really feels wonderful on. I had planned to do another chain piece next week, but I may decide to give another one of these a go with new colors. I am very happy with how it came out. I did make it just slightly too large though. That is something I need to work on. I find it difficult to properly size things.

So week 4's bracelet is made with four colors of seeds and size 4 miyuki cubes. This Wednesday passed I went shopping and cannot wait to start using the things that I have bought. I got 10 seed hanks, in a mix of 11's and 15's. I got a couple of colors of cubes, some citrine, some tiny crystals, some fossil coral, and some BEAUTIFUL opalite. I'm very excited. Oh! I also treated myself to a new beading mat, and bought a necklace sizer. It was a good shopping day.


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