Mistake in the Mist

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So this was the piece I created first for the week 2 YOJ. However, it never seemed to work. When it finally felt 'finished' I Still didn't like it. I think the main problem was, the original idea i had for it wouldn't work. I had intended to string smokey black seed beads, and gold accents with some silver tossed in for glitter on beading wire, and then weave the wire through the links of the chain to give it an airy misty feel. But the chain kept bunching and it just looked terrible. So in the end, I created 2, 2-2 chains. one in copper and one in bright aluminum. I Connected them together giving it a swag appearance. Then I used short pieces of beading wire and silver crimp beads embellished with black, gold, and silver beads. It was still missing something after that, so I added long blue bugle beads with glass crystals at the end. While it's shape turned out elegant, I just don;t like the finished piece. As it stands, I shall be taking it apart to salvage the chains which I do like separately. But just to show I do learn from my mistake I present.. "Mistake in the Mist"