Rogers Christmas Gift

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This was my first experiment with maille recently. It's a copper dice bag for when we play Dungeons and Dragons. It was a gift for Roger and unfortunately the rings didn't arrive until after Christmas so he got it a little bit late. It's 4 in 1 20g copper 1/8" ID. I made the bead bail ring wrapped loop things myself with a little trial and error and out of 20g copper wire. They are black glass as near as I can tell. The straps for the bag are 2 in 2 chain. I really REALLY like it and I am thinking of making myself a necklace out of the copper in the 2in2 for myself. To make the bag be able to hang from his belt, I made a ring of copper 2 in 2 and attached it to a retractable cord that has a belt clip on the back. Then I attached a lobster claw to the ring of 2 in 2 so he could remove it from the cord if he wanted to. I also included here a picture of the dice he keeps in the bag. I really enjoyed this and am going to be trying to do one in bright aluminum next.