Week 5

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I am late posting week 5 and week 6. I may even be late with week 7 but I am not completely sure yet. The pieces have been getting done, but events going on in my life outside the Internet have been making me late with posting. However, I have pictures and updates ready for pieces for week 5 and week 6.

Week 5 is another prototype for mesh bags made from Chainmaille. Again it is 20g 1/8" ID rings. I really like this size of ring for these small bags. The rings are not too cumbersome to work with, but at the same time the provide a mode of privacy for whatever is inside the bag. The bags themselves are so silky and wonderful feeling. The piece I displayed for week 4 was a bag I wore to the renaissance festival. It took the abuse of hours and hours of merrymaking. I was however disappointed that I didn't make it large enough to even hold business cards.

Needless to say when I got home I started a new design. This is still a work in progress as I am not 100% happy with the design yet, but I am getting there. I used various findings that I had around the house to try different methods of keeping the bag closed and to attach the changeable straps. This is why the metals don't match. I am still in the experimenting stage.
However, I really enjoyed the project despite the fact the added size almost doubled the time it took to craft it. But now it is the PERFECT size for holding ID's, Driver Licence, Business Cards, Money, Credit cards AND Hotel Room keys, or Cruise Credit Keys.