Kisses in the Mist

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Once again I have completed this piece quite a few days ago but have been trying to get photos of it. I just couldn't get a scan of it at all. Since I could not fine my digital camera, I used a friends. But unfortunately on their camera, there was not a macro setting. So, the pictures do not show a lot of detail. When I do find my camera, I will re-shoot everything.

This piece is called Kisses In The Mist and was inspired by the theme in YOJ. Since I submitted the theme, I thought I should try and work with it. It's a bracelet and earrings set. The earrings don't have their ear-wires attached yet because I didn't have any in the right color. When I am able to get to the store and pick some up, I will attach them and hopefully be able to take a new picture.

To me, the theme suggested something dark, and silvery, and sexy, and sort of mysterious. I started with a byzantine bracelet. I've been wanting to try the weave anyway. It's 20g bright aluminum 1/8" ID. I found the weave itself to be surprisingly easy and I adore the look of it. I can't wait to make another one. I really enjoyed it. I then embellished it with some large beads I had been holding onto for a while. I am not sure what size they are though. They are all a grass green color. Two of them are just translucent. Two of them are lamp-worked beads with white and black bullseye's and dots. There are also two matching lamp-worked ones in about an 6 or 8 mm size that I used in the earrings. The beads to me felt like the mist, but there was something missing. I had a few dolphin charms that were brightly silver colored. So I put the dolphins around the breads. They didn't really want to fit so I had to really work to try and get them attached to the bracelet. But I finally did. To me it looks like a silver dolphin is jumping up to kiss the moon out of a misty swirling sea. The bracelet is heavy and feels good on.

To round it out I made a pair of byzantine earrings to match the bracelet. I made one section of the byz, put a bead and then one more section of the byz. I am pretty happy with this piece.