Week 3 - Take Flight

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This week's piece did NOT start out as a theme piece. I am going to a renaissance faire next weekend and wanted a small necklace pouch to wear. I have made one before in copper. It was featured in an earlier post as it was one of Roger's Christmas gifts. The weaving of the bag was fairly simple. 20g 1/8" ID worked up very nicely in a 4in1 weave bag. However... This piece nearly took flight several times from my desperately wanting to launch it out a window. The embellishments KILLED me. Granted, they are pretty basic, but I think they are rather pretty. The problem came about the only thing I had in a silver color was some nickle. I am insane. It was sooooo hard to work with. I thought I had 20g but it was actually 18g. It was hard on my hands, it wouldn't DO anything I tried to make it do. In the end I spent several HOURS just rigging up the long bars so the bag would keep its shape and then embellished them with some blue glass drops that I am rather fond of. I tell you what though... just making sure that bar in the front with the blue drops on it was hanging properly nearly made me tear my hair out. The picture is not fantastic because It's a scan so it looks all scrunched up, but the piece does look pretty cute when its hanging.

As crazy as I am, this is still a prototype for a piece to come. It won't be next week because I am pretty sure I will be doing a beaded piece next week, but perhaps the week after. I am going to be making a wearable fashion purse. I am very excited and of course there will be more details to come... when the time comes. :) Until then, here is week 3's piece... Take Flight.