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I am currently working on the Jacket called Sylvi.

This is what it looks like. Mine will be in green, and in an extra large. This one I think is probably the extra small. It is the largest project I have ever undertaken. It is also the most complex cable work I have ever attempted. Now, I finished the sleeves with relative ease. I had a small freak out from not understanding the instructions, but the 'Claws straightened me out. I have also been going along merrily on the back and getting through all of those cables and enjoying myself. And then I hit the decreases. The decrease section of the back is so ungodly confusing. Maybe if you are used to raglan decreases it makes sense to you, but for me it's like it's written in Greek. No worse than that. I was translating the Greek that is working from charts. The decreases are like being written in cuneiform!

It took probably 10 hours yesterday from me to get from row 100 to row 109. That's more than an hour per row folks. The most frustrating part is if a few sentences had just been written into the pattern to explain some of the directions, I wouldn't have been in such a mess yesterday trying to figure out why it wasn't working.

What is the point of having a chart if the stitches you are actually knitting don't match? Why then wouldn't the information be presented in written form which is so much easier to understand! (for me anyway) The part that exploded my brain last night was that k2tog are marked in the chart with this symbol '/', So you k2tog and continue on with the pattern as written. Once you get to the dec rows, the symbol appears to k2tog just as normal, but you somehow magically need to know that you now need to SKIP the next stitch as it is written. You don't do it later, you just SKIP the thing. HOW IN THE WILD WORLD OF SPORTS are you supposed to know this?

Fortunately my husband is very mathematically minded and after I completely lost it with this pattern he sat down with me. He had me explain all of the stitches and what they did and then he worked on the pattern mathematically. He is the one who figured you that you need to skip the next stitch. OH and to make it more fun, you also need to skip the stitch BEFORE the SSK... fun eh?

And to think... I am actually thinking ahead to making another one of these? At least I will have been through all of the crap first!


fatgirl_vs_world said...

The coat is so cute!!!

Crystal said...

Thanks!! I love it so much. That is what is keeping me going. I cannot wait to have it finished!