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HPKCHC Spring2010 Potions

Dear Professor,

Silverwing26 of Ravenclaw submitting her Potions Assignment.

I was ever so glad to don my gloves, goggles and robes and begin experimentation with potions! I spent a good deal of time perusing my manual of potion ingredients trying to find the perfect combination. I had known the effect I was going for. If my experimentation in the fine art of potion brewery was successful, I would have something to adorn myself with that would be both alluring, lovely, and sweet.

So into my cauldron I added one part Chinese Chomping Cabbage, one part part Unicorn Hair, and one part Powdered Sugar. The mixture started out a sickly green, then turned a muddy yellow. After a few hours it became a lovely shade of purple and when it finally finished brewing, it was an iridescent white color. My results were as follows…