Stories as Promised #3...

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HPKCHC Spring2010 Charms

Dear Professor,

Silverwing26 of Ravenclaw submitting her Charms assignment.

I was most intrigued by the study of the Draconifors charm. I’ve read the stories from the last Tri-Wizard tournament to take place at Hogwarts countless times! Let’s be honest though, I really just want to meet Viktor Krum… ahem..

As was clearly reported, the dragon he so bravely fought off with the Conjunctivitus Curse, was a Chinese Fireball. My text states…

Chinese Fireball (Liondragon)
native to: China
habitat: mountains (?)
appearance: scarlet with a fringe of golden spikes around its face
eyes: protruding
flame: mushroom-shaped
food: pigs, humans
eggs: vivid crimson speckled with gold

How gorgeous this must have been in real life. Determined to see one of these magnificent creatures for myself… (after all, I CAN cast the conjunctivitus curse) I set about Charming the picture on my text to life!

Clearly I need more work on this spell Professor. All I was able to bring forth to life was a ring of scales in the brilliant reds of the Dragon. However, the scales do fit nicely around my head!