Stories as Promised #2...

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hpkchc spring2010 History Of Magic

Dear Professor,

Silverwing26 of Ravenclaw submitting her HoM assignment. Since we began studying the Chamber of Secrets, I have been enthralled with the idea of the basilisk. I had real all of the information provided in class!

Basilisk: A wizard-bred Dark creature of enormous power, this extremely poisonous giant serpent (up to 50 feet in length) is brilliant green in color with long thin saber-like fangs and bulbous yellow eyes. A basilisk can live for at least 900 years given an adequate food supply, and as it can eat most vertebrates (including humans), this is not difficult to achieve. The male can be distinguished from the female by the scarlet plume on its head, but basilisks are usually magically rather than normally bred.

How terrifying! I was on a mission to find evidence of this enormous and deadly creature. Armed with my wand I descended into the depths of the Chamber. I brought the illustration from our text!

Stumbling around in the semidarkness my foot caught in something and I took a spill forward! My wand skittered out of my hand and bumped against the wall of the Chamber. Something was under my hands, it felt like leathery paper. I picked up my wand and called forth Lumos Maximus!

In my wand light I saw the shed skin of a massive serpent! This was it! This is what I came looking for. The green had gone out of the skin and it was a pale papery color. I cut a piece of the skin from the mass of shed coils and Tucked it into my bag.

When I had finished exploring the Chamber with the class and returned to Ravenclaw Tower, I took the skin into the lab. A bit of magical experimentation later, I had fashioned it into a continuous circle, returned the flexibility of its original state, and enchanted it to no longer decay. I present to you with pride, my Basilisk Headband!