Stitch Markers

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I found these little charms on Clearance one time and absolutely fell in love with them. I am glad I bought an extra set so that I could have one, and give one away. This set is for Margie in the HPKCHC. I am sending her a little something because she wasn't eligible to win the prize for the may Flowers competition. It was entirely my fault. I host the competition and I left her off the list entirely. So, in light of spring, June and Flowers... I made here this growing, blooming, beauty, thriving, sprouting set of stitch markers. These are really neat actually and I am hoping to find more of these findings soon in different sizes. These probably won't fit needles above a 9 or so. But they make complete closed circles, however they can be opened if you should accidentally run your life line through one. They won't just pop open on you however though. I really like them. I hope she does too.

What do you think?

I hope I can find more of these. I would love to put some of these on Etsy.