So Much to Share–Anniversary

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My Anniversary was this month! Yup. I’ve been blissfully married for 9 years now. My wonderful husband has always been very supportive of my creative side. When I became interested in yarn and knitting and all that it entails, he held on and was as supportive as ever. Well, for an anniversary gift, he really blew me away.

Do you want to see it???


I can’t believe it! (Oh, excuse the messy room if you will please.) I am so excited! I have tried it briefly, and right now, I am not very good. I admit it. But I am so willing to practice. I’ve gotten my book out that talks about spinning on a wheel, and I am requesting a couple of books from the library. So far I have two major issues. One is keeping the wheel spinning in the same direction. It wants to change on me. I think that is a treadling issue? The other is that I am not building up enough twist and the yarn is falling apart on me. I have the opposite issue on my drop spindle where I often build up too much twist. So, I need to learn how to control my twist.

Anyway, I am looking forward to completing my list of obligations, cleaning a perfect spot for my new wheel so I can sit comfortably and practice. I have read that just 15-20 minutes a day is ideal. I’m such a lucky, thankful, and happy girl.

Thank you my love for all that you do and in all the ways you are supportive.


Sandelightful said...

Between those little puffs and the spinning wheel...I'll never get my necklace now! LOL
I would be sad, but the puffs are adorable and the wheel is beyond awesome!

Tricia said...

I had the problem with my wheel spinning backwards on me, too. It was super-frustrating because my yarn would untwist and make a mess and end up breaking. Two things:

1. Practice treadling without spinning yarn until you are really good at it.

2. The culprit is pushing your foot down again before the pedal has come all the way to the top. The pedal will stop there for a second. Wait until it is ready to go down again before pushing your foot down.