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I have finished the Gems Socks. I am so happy with them. I love the colors of this yarn. It positively sings to me! An interesting thing happened with these socks. You will remember me saying how well they fit. Well, they still fit well, but they are now too big. I’ve lost 30lbs since starting them and it’s really evident in my feet! But no matter. They are still beautiful and I love they way they feel on. They are going to go into my DnD bag. When I am playing DND is most often when I wear socks. Comfy ones are essential! Without further ado…

I’ll be adding a better picture of the heel this evening. It was an interesting short row heel with no wraps and no gaps. It was slightly tricky to understand at first, but once I got the hang of it there was no problem with it.

The yarn is Premier Yarns Serenity Garden in the colorway Gems.