Eric’s Blanket

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I finished the baby blanket in time for Sandy’s baby shower! I am really pleased with how it came out. I won’t be tackling this pattern again because the edging was a nightmare. I don’t think the pattern is written quite correctly. Or it could have to do with the fact that I needed to adjust it because I didn’t crochet the blanket full size as called for in the pattern. Had I continued as far is it said to, that baby blanket would have fit my queen size bed. 

I really do like the pinwheel pattern it produced though. I may try that again with a simple shell edging. It’s really quite beautiful a blanket. I was very flattered to find that when I went to the house of the expectant parents, that the blanket is draped across her glider. I’m very honored. I am so happy they like it also! 

That is my latest FO. I’m still working on my lovely GEM socks. I’m going slow on them because my hands have been giving me trouble. The next post will likely feature some drawings I have been working on for the table top RPG I am playing in right now. I haven’t done drawings in a long time. So they have been taking up some time also. But drawing hasn’t been bothering my hands as much as knitting or typing. But let me get to the pictures.