Hexipuff Madness!!!

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I am supposed to be working exclusively on WIPS right now. However, a new madness has struck the tower. This is a bit like when Ysolda fever hit the tower hard. I was never struck with the Ysolda fever even though I admired her designs. At the time, I could only afford to knit free patterns. Though I just picked up Whimsical Little Knits 2. So I may succumb to that fever yet.
But back to Hexipuffs. Hexipuffs are these hexagon shaped little puffy things. (We use all the technical terms here) They are knit in the round and then lightly stuffed with batting. Once you have about a bajillion of them, you connect them together to form a quilt. It is the top, batting and bottom of the quilt all in one. I have to say, they are quite addictive. There is something soothing about knitting them, and something delightful in holding them. I like watching them gather together as I finish them. Some of the colors compliment each other, and some clash, but they all work well together. I’m really very pleased. I’m in no hurry to ‘finish’ this project. I will just happily knit puffs when the mood strikes me until I have somewhere near a bajillion of them. 

Interested? Check out Tiny Owl Knits - Home of the Hexipuffs This is the creator of the “Bee Keepers Quilt” which is comprised of hexipuffs. 



Tell me that doesn’t fill you with delight even a little? To egg each other on in this epic hexipuff project, the Tower is participating in a mini skein swap. Here are my contributions.




I just want to hold them and squish them about for a while. Seriously. Remember, Hexipuffs equal love. If someone infects you with the hexipuff lust, don’t hold any ill will toward them. After you make your first one, you will understand the love!


Pussywillow & Purl said...

I completely adore this idea! Looking forward to buying the pattern & having a go too x