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This is my baby squid I just finished. I am calling it a squidling, because its was cuter than calling it a fry. It was crafted for my kitties, but inspired by the HPKCHC. Here is the story that goes with it. I hope you enjoy.

When I was very little, my mother used to read to me. While I had all of the normal bedtime stories, some of my favorites were marine biology books. Jacques Cousteau’s massive table top book was one of my favorites. It had breathtaking pictures of ocean wonders. Mom would read to me and I would memorize the names of the sea creatures.

One of my favorites was the giant Squid. Architeuthis. So little was known about them then. Only a few had ever been found. As I have grown older, I’ve marveled at how more and more has been discovered about them.

Imagine my utter delight when I discovered that a giant squid was living in the Black Lake at Hogwarts!! I couldn’t believe it. Being a Ravenclaw, I do like to study up on something that peeks my interest. Well it wasn’t long until I discovered that our Head of House had an interesting relationship with the giant squid, one might even call it a rivalry.

I wonder if such a creature could be domesticated! I consulted with the noted Marine Spellologist - Gilly Sandybottom. He assured me that the process would be utterly dangerous, as one would first need to FIND a giant squid, then manage to get one of it’s offspring away from it, before the process could even begin. An adult squid would be too set in its ways. However, if one were to somehow get a hold of a squidling, the domestication process COULD be completed.

Armed with this knowledge, my Ravenclaw whit, and some courage I borrowed from the Griffindors, I plunged into the black lake. I might add how thankful I am to have taken some Defense Against the Dark Arts! I was almost done in by a pack of Grindilow before I remembered petrificus totalus. It seemed to me though, that I had interrupted this group of them. Something lightly colored reflected from amidst the seaweed and between their greenish brownish bodies.

Working quickly, I dug through the seaweed to see what it was. WHAT LUCK! Apparently they had been tormenting a SQUIDLING!! One of it’s legs was badly damaged. I think they were pulling on it! I quickly ascendio’d my way out of the lake, used aquamentia to fill my oil skin bag. I put my squidling in and took it straight away to Gilly Sandybottom. Well, with a flick of his wand, Gellious Mendioso he enchanted, my little squidling was well on the way to healing.

Gilly tells me there is even a magical attunement process the little squidling could undergo so that he, or she (we’re not quite sure) could learn to live quite happily on land! He cautions, keeping an eye on it though, especially when small animals or children are involved.

And that Professor, is my utterly dangerous assignm

ent that I am turning in for Potions class!

The nitty grotty of it, worsted weight acrylic stuffed with fiber fill and cat nip!


Sandi said...

So so so cute! I love the story too!