Dice Bag of Doom!!!

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For Christmas this year for my hubby, I wanted to make him a dice bag he would be proud of. I had so much trouble with this bag!!! I redesigned it probably 8 or 9 times. I was never happy with how it was coming out. I scoured many many patterns on Ravelry, but nothing was what I wanted.

I had started making a bag of my own design with a cable I found in a cable stitch dictionary. But the cables were so small and I didn't know enough ot put sections of stockinette stitch between them so it was looking terrible. I ripped that all out. What I opted for instead was a customized hat pattern. I had made a cabled hat for Patrick.

I discovered I really liked the pattern. So I went down a size in needles, and added many repeats to the pattern until it was a good size. I followed a pattern from a bag I found on Ravelry to put in the holes for the draw string cord and then knitted an I-Cord for the strap. I think it came out wonderfully and was definitely worth the work!