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One of my favorite gifts I made this year was actually cat nip mice for my kitties. The pattern was so easy, and I just had a delightful time making them! I had to change the pattern however as I didn't think it worked up nearly large enough. So I kept adding rounds until I felt it was the right size. Oh the adventures with catnip around here though. they keep breaking into the bag and spilling it. Then of course the spend days making out with that spot on the floor. Watching them play with their mice though was precious. PRECIOUS. The boxes smelled like catnip also, so at one point Boots, got his head wedged up into the box and was just crawling across the carpet trying to squeeze himself into a box that is maybe 4 inches square!


Sandi said...

Love all the new projects you have posted...but I especially love the meeces! =)

Crystal said...

Thanks Sandi! I love them too. I am thinking of making them some stuffed catnip squid to go with them!