Oh baby baby!!

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My baby loves me! I was gifted with a gift!!! For no particular reason, my love decided I was worth a gift. I must just be that awesome. :D I have had my eye on a knitting bag for a little while. unfortunately, they are CRAZY RIDICULOUS expensive. But we had an idea. The Bealls Dpt. store was having a sale today. 20% off your entire order including clearance and sale items. WOOT! So we went out looking and I got the most amazing bag ever. It was 50% off and then and additional 20% off for the sale! Rock on! A bag this size that is designated a knitting bag is between 70 and 150. I got mine for 40!!! DEAL!

The Bag and front zip pocket

The inside of the large compartment

The included zippered pouch

Inside of the smaller compartment with zipper pocket small pockets, and what I have decided are crochet hook holders.