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I just wanted to show a little of my current WIP. I am making a very special goddess for myself. She's doing a wonderful job at helping me deal with some emotional things. There is a lot of symbolism in her, and I don't intend to explain it. Well, at least not at this time. :grin: But I am very proud of the progress on her so I wanted to show it off. her form is made my me, and her face is poly clay. I can't remember exactly who the face is from. I should really write these things down, but I am a bit like a magpie. I like to see all of my 'shinies' together so I tend not to keep notes on where they came from. But she is embellished (currently) with 11's 14's 6's 8's and some super tiny smaller than 14's in an array of blues, whites and teals in a variety of finishes. She also has a few rose montees in sapphire blue. So there she is. :)


Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh she is looking good Crystal! I love the colours you chose for her..

Crystal said...

Thank you Ellen! She's getting there. The front is almost all done! Then onto the hair. (which is my favorite part!)