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Well, at least I can when I can find my glasses. I really do need glasses, and in fact I need to go get a new prescription, but that is neither here nor there. I am not one to put my glasses in a pocket, nor do I carry a purse. Needless to say, I rarely have them with me when I need them. (I only need them for distance) So this week I created a glasses chain for myself. It is made from a mix of seed beads that I have had forever, and some frosted glass beads. I have a vase that I keep near my work station. It's purely decorative, but inside I keep beads. These are stray beads that don't have a home, or beads I didn't have any ideas for. Over time I have increased the value of the supplies I work with and these are mostly beads I will probably never use so now they decorate my house. However, sometimes a project comes a long and I dip into the vase for some accent beads. Hence, the lovely frosted glass in this project. Now I can have my specs with me without banging them up in a pocket or wearing them on my head.