For the Love of CHICKENS!

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I was in the mood for an instant gratification kind of project this afternoon. I was looking through my beads waiting for something to strike my fancy and inspire me. There it was! I have this string of beads that look like little birds. I found a yellow one that happens to look like a chicken! Now my niece has gotten into raising chickens over the last year. Her uncle and I are very proud! At the state fair she showed four birds. Three of them got first place, and one of them second place. The only reason her bird took second, was because her other bird also had first. :grin: At the youth fair she showed a number of birds. They all took first, and one of them took best in show. So needless to say, proud aunt and uncle over here. So back to the project. I got this little chicken looking bird out and strung it on some yellow ribbon with a couple of yellow wooden beads. I actually had some findings for attaching clasps to ribbon. (amazing I had something I needed) So I stuck a clasp on it and viola! Done! I can't wait to give it to her as soon as I see her. :)


DelorumRex said...
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Sandi said...

That is fantastic!

Crystal said...

Thanks! Now I just need to get a hold of her to give it to her. :)