Earrings!!! 12-13 years in the making?

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This week I have been pretty busy at home. I am also working on a larger project so I needed something rather quick to do for this week. I was looking through my beads waiting for something to speak to me when I picked up this package of blue seed beads. Inside it were two tube beads, purple with flowers on them.

When I was in my freshman year of high school... heck it could have been earlier. I had this friend named Liz. She had one of those chokers on a leather band with two beads and a charm. You know the kind. It broke and she asked me if I wanted the beads. I didn't bead back then so I don't know why I said yes but I took them. I've lost these two beads so many times. I would find one, put it some where and lose it. Rinse and repeat for years. Then they survived being moved from NY to FL and two moves in FL. So these beads have come a long way. And now they have arrived at their next destination. A pair of crystal earrings.

I am not sure what these beads are. They look like porcelain beads I have found, but I think they might actually be painted wood. So here they are. My camera didn't handle the small scale too well but you get the idea.