The Swallow Tail Shawl

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Around the beginning of July I finally finished the Swallow Tail Shawl for Mom. This is the shawl that became known as the Shawl Of Doom. I had such trouble with it. This is the 4th attempt at this shawl. It was a gift for Mom's birthday - IN MARCH - but alas took me a wee bit longer to complete. I do have to say though, I am absolutely chuffed at how it came out. It's beautiful! I learned a bit about lave weight yarn. The mere fact it is lace weight makes it that much more difficult to work with. I am actually willing to try this shawl again, but I think it will be with fingering, or better still worsted weight yarn.

Some people have asked what I did to make my Swallow Tail so much larger than the finished one in the directions. I went up several needle sizes. That is all. For this term in the HPKCHC we needed to swatch our OWL proposals even if they did not require a swatch. I am glad they did because I swatched it on a few different needle sizes and found it looked better and better as I got larger. so I went with size 8 needles.

It ended up taking just over 1 skein of yarn as I ran out during the last chart. But on even slightly smaller needles this would have been a one skein project.