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I finally finished my two at a time no purl monkeys. I as upset, because as I finished them, they really didn't fit very well. However, after a good blocking, I can now get them on and off. The lace pattern doesn't show up hardly at all, but that is the fault of the yarn I chose. Also, I am not sure if it's worth messing around with the numbers on the needles, since I am trying to lose weight anyway. But I really think I need to figure out how to increase the stitches around the ankle and leg. My leg is to thick so I can't pull the sock up all of the way. And, getting it over the diagonal area where my heel is, and my foot bends to become my leg is the though part. So for my next sock, I migh try added 4 stitches and see how that works. I have a slew of ankle socks to work on. So those won't be of much help in that area, but I will definitely be able to see if the 64 stitches is the right amount of stitches for my foot.

Also, I worked them on a size 3 needle. I don't have a 3 circular needle, but I do have size 3dpn's that I could try. That might increase the size slightly. Hmm, decisions.


An Educated Rabbit said...

::plays soothing music, makes a cup of four fruit tea, and rubs shoulders::

Everything will be ok, I promise. I know the yarn is not cooperating right now, but thats because it does not yet understand it is going to becomes a lovely garment.