For the Kitties at WARL

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My friend Robby volunteers at the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington DC. She talks about it often and naturally when it came out we would be crafting for our own chosen charities this term, I thought of her immediately. So for my quidditch contributions to HPKCHC, I crafted lots of catnip toys for the kitties at WARL! I've been trying to explain to my kitties, these toys are not for them. They are for the Shelter Kitties waiting for their forever homes. You can just see Orion's face in the picture with the cat nip elephants.

My turtles are even being featured on the pattern page now! To keep them safe I have them in a shoe box with two rubber bands around it! Boots actually managed to steal a purple mouse before it had ears! So I had to craft a new one of the shelter kitties so there would be three. I hope they are enjoyed!


Fat Girl vs. World said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!!

1. You are friggin awesome for doing this

2. how cute are they!?!!!

3. I wish I could follow patterns.

4. I'm thinking that i have a bunch of yarn that i'm probably never going to use... and maybe i should send it down to you???

Crystal said...

1. Thank you!! I loved doing it.

2. They really are!!! I kind of want a few for me. LOL

3. I still get stuck sometimes. It can be tricky.

4. I would certainly love to give it a good home!