A few more Bento!

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This bento was egg substitute cooked in a really thin layer with sauteed spinach and green onion layed on it, topped with a little turkey bacon and rolled up. I sliced it into sushi like rolls and stacked in the box with a tomato and spinach salad and an apple sauce!

This bento was salami and liverwurst on whole wheat with Dijon, spinach and cucumbers. A spinach, cucumber and tomato salad on the side and around the sandwich. I also gave him a peach but it wouldn't fit in the box.

The first photo of this bento shows the bottom layer. Kiwi, tomato, carrots, cheese, spinach and a tuna stuffed sweet pepper. The second photo is a picture of the crisp stars I made him. I took a flat wrap, used a cookie cutter to make the stars and baked them on a sheet sprayed with cooking spray. They are resting on a piece of wax paper.

The first photo shows the bottom layer which was rice and lentil pilaf. The second layer is tomato sauce and a container with black berries and a peach. In the ramekin is shredded Parmesan!

That's all folks!