Rivoli version 1

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So I was in need of a quick project this week because I left it rather late. I decided to bead the Rivoli I got while on my bead adventure with hubby the other day. Boy did I chose the wrong thing to do for a quick project. I am sure these work up fast when you have the knack down. I do not have the knack down yet. Apparently, these work much much easier if you are using delicas. I do not have any, so I am using 11 and 15 seed beads. Well, it didn't come out very good. But I DID do a project so I will post it here. Another issue came about with photographing it though, it is SO SPARKLY the camera couldn't focus on it properly. So it's a horrible picture but it proves I did something! :) So I will be taking this apart and trying it again with the tips I received from the wonderful folks at All About Beads http://forums.delphiforums.com/beads2/start.

The second photo is a gift my hubby surprised me with last night. He brought me home the most adorable pincushion! Do you get it? For being brave and having been stuck so many times with needles he brought me an adorable pin cushion. He found it all alone and abandoned in a desk drawer and thought I would love it. I DO LOVE IT! And now it has a home on my beady/art desk.