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I recently found and I love this website. They have such a lovely mix of beads, findings and components. So I mentioned last week (or the week before?) that hubby insisted I restock my stash with an order from them. I also promised I would post pictures. So here they are!This is he whole kit and kaboodle.

This is a package of bronzite nuggets. Hubby loved them when we say them in a store so I'm going to figure out something to make for him.

This is a close up of two of the four craved bone beads I got. I LOVE the Celtic designs on them. I think one of them might get put unto a cuff.

Here are the other two.

And here is a close up of the GORGEOUS cabs I bought! I can't wait to play with them. They are just so lovely. I think a collar or choker is definitely in the works here. Oooh, maybe a pin! Maybe a cuff!? I just love them.

On a random note. I wish there was an option to put the pictures next to each other.