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This first photo is of my work space. This is where I create! I just thought you might want to see.

So I had to go and get blood drawn today. This is the second attempt after the first place butchered me. Needless to say I was incredibly nervous about going. I am happy to report that it went smoothly with no problems. But as a reward for being so brave, my wonderful sweet awesome adorable love him with my whole heart hubby... took me to the bead store!... AND THEN... to hobby lobby. :)
These are not fantastic photos because I just took a quick shot of the goods for you to take a peek at. This is a photo of some GORGEOUS silver lined light blue seeds, two tubes of silver lined cobalt, and one you cannot see the color of at all. It is a tube of blue lined beads and they look JUST like the colors in peacock feathers! The cobalt seed beads are particularly exciting for me because I will be able to finish a project I have had on hold for a long time now. OH! Also in the picture is a crystal AB rivoli! I believe it's a 16mm. I am going to try beading one for the first time!
This is a close up shot of some simply stunning stone beads. They are greens and aquas. I loved them the moment hubby found them. Yup that's right. Hubby looks for beautiful things for me! Also in this show are several pieces of felt. I have a few embroidery projects in my brain and I am going to try felt as the background.

This shot shows it all! PLUS the pack of three new beading mats I got! Woot! I am a super happy very thankful girl! And of course all of the pictures are clickable for larger images.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Yummie stuff Crystal & I LOVE the Rivoli, what a gorgeous blue.. Your workspace looks too neat LOL

Crystal said...

Thank you Ellen! I fell in love with the sparkly blue also!

Sandelightful said...

So wonderful!!!

Crystal said...

Thanks Sandi! I thought so too!