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The new sparklies are here! I can hardly wait to dive into them and get to work. I've got a big batch of shiny aluminum, three colors of anodized aluminum, and I'm trying out a shiny brass. I think it's going to be beautiful with the pale pink. That is the first combo I'm going to try out. I will keep you updated here, and as soon as something is finished it will get added to the shop.

I've got something else I've been working on, another prototype. I have this really interesting yarn. It's bumpy and wiggly and a really awesome color for summer. So yesterday I whipped up a little dice bag! It just needs a cord to go with it and then I'll photograph that to show off as well. Dicebags are so personal as any table top gamer will tell you. I have one to go with each particular character I play. HA! I also love making them. My mother, who is not a gamer, also commented  on how much she loves the little bag. I think she wants to commission one a bit larger as a pouch for her sunglasses. There's an idea also... small change purse? It could be anything I guess, couldn't it? Well pictures to come soon!