Strawberries and Alpaca

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I had a treasured moment today. Hubby and I decided it was a perfect day for an adventure. We looked around on line at things to do locally and were coming up a bit stumped. Several of the places were for various pick your own fruit farms. Most of them in the area are for blueberries. Now I like blueberries, but no one in the house really loves them. So we kept looking until we found a local (miraculous) farm selling pick your own strawberries.

So we got ourselves into the car and headed to the farm. It’s really a lovely cute little place and the drive was scenic. We weren’t quite sure what to do when we arrived because you just pull into this field and there are crops on one side and a building on another. We went into the building and the people were incredibly friendly.

The strawberry picking was such fun. All of their crops are hydroponic and planted vertically. There is no stooping over to pick berries. We picked a little over two pounds and then headed inside. Inside of the building I found ALPACA wool for sale! The woman there owns and shows champion alpaca and was selling wool. So I bought several ounces to try.

We struck up a conversation and she showed me her electric spinning wheel which I’ve never seen before. I explained how I can spindle spin ok, but my wheel gives me fits. She then put me on a list to contact when she has spinning classes this fall. It was a magical fun day and I can’t wait until our next adventure.