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As it turns out, I like baking. Who knew? Also, diet friendly baking – even better!

Do you want to see pictures? I thought you might!.

This was my first venture into baking lately. Two Banana breads. They came out moist, and banana-y and a little sweet. Just perfect.
I enjoyed some with my tea. It was a perfect treat.
Here Is another banana bread and a honey loaf. Oh my word, this honey loaf is amazing. It’s a little denser than the banana bread but it’s spiced, and sweet from the honey. The little nuts on top are ever so tasty!

In between those two baking experiments, was a pumpkin bread. Apparently though, I never got a picture of it. I’m still working on perfecting the recipe for that one. It came out a bit on the dry side. Tasty experimentation however.