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I do so enjoy a good swap. I started doing swaps through Reducio Swap. I had so much fun that I told my best friend all about it and we decided to do one ourselves. Who doesn’t love some thought out gifts, even if they are small?

We decided the theme would be inner goddess. So our packages were designed around honoring, celebrating, and bringing out our inner goddesses.

In my package that I gave to her I included a card, with hand punched paper stars, some glittery pens because I know her inner goddess is glittery, and some knitted items. I also included a few knitted items, and a small purple notebook. I do know how she loves notebooks! I hope she will use it to write about all her goddessy qualities.


This is the tea wallet I included that I knit. It’s stuffed with delicious tea!

And this is the Goddess table cloth I included that I knit for her. I hope when she is ready to start practicing again, that this will be an asset to her. In the mean time, it would look awesome as a wall decoration I think. Open-mouthed smileIf I ever get an altar together, something I’ve meant to do for years, I hope to knit one of these for myself for my altar.

The package from her was delightful!


She included yarn, goddess hair in my favorite colors, hand drawn goddess art, face lotion, a mystic river rock, from my 1.5yr old nephew, a beautiful card and instructions on how to love and care for my inner goddess and the Knitting Goddess book. Can you believe it? I can’t believe she found such a book. She is clearly awesome, and clearly divine!

I love it so much! She must have also because we immediately began talking about the next one. We have chosen the theme. It’s going to be “My favorite things” where we try and include each others favorite things in the package and share a couple of our own favorite things as well. I’m excited. We have until the end of August for this one, and I am going to certainly need the time for something I have in mind. Smile